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FWIW with the recent M1 iPad Pro I think it’s finally come into its own as a useful computing device for real work. Surface pro and such are more capable but still hampered by their desktop OS roots. I’ve found I am nearly as efficient on the new iPad, with zero fuss and bother with any other platform.

Which counts when I’m out and about. The idea of ‘beach computing’ was always an unrealized fantasy as it doesn’t take much to kill it. Poor battery, a device UI which is too complicated, poor screen for the outside, too many peripherals needed (even a pen is too much sometimes). Maybe a Surface could navigate this as well as an iPad but I doubt it.

For example, when I need some inspiration I’ll take it to the coast or other wild bit (I’ve posted about this here) and actually get some work done. There’s never a battery problem, and all I need is the iPad in my pocket. The wireless ear pods (whatever they’re called)d work perfectly, even having wired ear buds would make me feel like I’m at a computer.

I sound like an advertisement, but yeah a tablet just gets me to the point where I forget I’m on a computer, and the new iPad is powerful enough and has enough capable apps for me to do much of what I need to do.

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I can’t think of anything I’d do with an iPad Pro that I wouldn’t prefer a surface or MacBook for, except drawing/art/design apps (over the MacBook).

Desktop roots are an advantage for a Surface or MacBook. The Software is generally more capable there, and there is far more choice of solutions on that formfactor.

Putting M1 in an iPad doesn’t upgrade iPadOS to macOS, and that is the Achilles heel of the device. Always has been. Processors were not a factor. We reached the point of not having to care that much about mobile CPU grunt (or a lack thereof) years ago.

iPad needed this and for the OS running on it to mature a bit more before competitors (and ultrabooks) caught up in portability and battery life. Now, its just another tablet to me, running a fundamentally limiting operating platform.