Dorico expression maps for VSL SYNCHRON-ized solo Strings full presets

I understand from threads on the VSL forum, that the VSL Dorico expressions maps for VSL SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings are just for the basic presets.
I want to work with the full presets (beautiful dynamics, very useful, are not present in the basic presets).

I just finished the change of the VSL Dorico expression map for violin 1 and viola from basic preset to full preset, is a lot of work. (Until now I just adjust the key switches of the playing techniques of the VSL expression map. The other samples I can add the moment I need them.)

I was wondering, if somebody else has done this also for other VSL solostrings. I can make available the expression map for violin 1 and viola full preset here on the forum. When other people has done this with other solostrings, we can exchange the results and save a lot of time.

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