Dorico fails to display file changes - RESOLVED

A student sent me a Dorico SE 3.5 (Windows) file last week. I opened it in Dorico Pro 3.5.10 (Mac) without issue.

Then she made changes and sent me the revised file today.

When I opened it in Dorico Pro, it looked the same as before - the changes are not visible.

She sent it again, but the problem remained.

She shared her screen via Zoom, and the changes were indeed present in her chart.


Where did you store the file she sent?
Was the filename this week different to the filename last week?
Did you close the file after she sent the file last week, or has it been knocking around in the background (or minimised) all week?
Did you double check that the file she sent today is actually the most recent version she’s looking at?
Has she manually saved the file at any point in the past week (genuine question - I’ve just opened a Garageband file from a colleague and it asked me if I wanted to use the saved version, from three days ago, or the Autosave version from 10 minutes ago).

I’d be extremely surprised if this were actually a Dorico problem.

The first one I detached from an email and saved in a folder for student files.

The second one I downloaded from the Zoom chat window into Mac’s Downloads folder.

No. Same file name. But when prompted while saving the file from the email message, I replaced the old file.

I asked her to re-name later versions in the future.

Yes, I closed it. Re-starting Dorico was one of my troubleshooting steps.


I’m pretty sure she has, but will double-check.

If I found myself in your shoes, I’m pretty sure my next troubleshooting steps would be:

  1. Double-check that I was opening the file from the correct location (the Downloads folder rather than the folder of student files)
  2. Ask the student to resend the file, then make sure I save the file with a new (probably dated) filename.

I’ll just throw in something that caught me out recently.

If you have a Dorico project that is already open, attempting to open another file with the same name doesn’t open the new file, it just displays the already open file.

This is more confusing if you have several windows or project open, if Dorico changes the active window and that makes you think it has opened a new file.

As pianoleo said, close everything and then check the location and time the stamp on the file you are opening.

Rob and Leo: Thanks! I’ve done everything you mentioned in the above two posts.

Never had more than one window open at a time.

After downloading from Zoom but before opening, I changed the file name.

Waiting for a response from the student.

RESOLVED: It turns out the student had indeed sent a different version of the file. I don’t yet understand how it happened and how she figured it out, but somehow she ended up working on a version of the file stored in the Dorico Backups folder, not the one in the folder she had created for Dorico files.

Sorry for the false alarm and thanks for the help!