Dorico fails to start [Solved]

I have got a new computer and have installed dorico. But I can not get dorico to start.

The dorico splash screen opens and sais “Audio engine: waiting for connection”
A windows installer opens and try to install VSTAudioEngine. Then a full halt to everything.

after a couple of minutes the messages changes to “Audio engine timeout”.
My only way out is to kill the two processes (VSTAudioEngine and Dorico) from the task manager.

any idea what is wrong ?

attached a gif that shows what happens (gif loops)


It looks like it’s the installer for the Yamaha USB audio driver that’s starting. Can you try repairing the installation of your Yamaha USB audio driver?

The installer insisted on uninstalling the Yamaha USB driver.
Running it again it installs the driver.

Now everything works and Dorico starts.

Thank you Daniel

Great, glad you’re back up and running.