.dorico file crashes Dorico

Hello, I am having problems saving this file:
Schubert_Der Wanderer D.489 (3 - Der Wanderer D.489 (3. Version).dorico.zip (663 KB)
I can change some things, but when I save, Dorico crashes.
I don’t know, how to get out of this situation.
I have already exported the flow and reopened it, without change…
Any help is very welcome.

The same happens to me with this file.

The same happens to me with this file, too

I copied all content to a new file and now it doesn’t crash anymore.
Der Wander - Schubert.zip (521 KB)

It is strange, but I also have experienced this kind of crash and the same solution (copying all contents into a new file) occasionally when having using computer applications.

However, it will be complicated if the file has lots of players (track, staves)…

This is strange, I can load that project, modify and save again without a problem.

Would you please do again and bring Dorico to crash, then restart Dorico and choose from the main menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report.
That creates a zip file on your desktop, please send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Thanks.

Thank you very much Filipe, this gives me something to work on further : )

Done it…
Thank you Ulf, I have sent you the report.
Strange thing with this file: I can edit, and when I save, Dorico Elements crashes - but the actual edits are actually saved. So when I reopen that file I could further continue with it - until the new try to save.
Even stranger, sometimes Dorico crashes (Dorico has unexpectedly…) while working on the file, but the window stays open and I can save separately for an additional crash…

The problem is caused by the mismatched parentheses in the filename. We’ll fix this in the next release, of course, but for now if you ensure that you have the same number of opening and closing parentheses in the filename, the program shouldn’t crash. However, the nature of the bug is such that Dorico’s feature to save a rotated number of backups in the Backup Projects folder in your Dorico Projects folder may not work correctly if the filename contains parentheses, so it might be a good idea to avoid using parentheses in filenames altogether for the time being.

To be clear: saving, and auto-saving, should be fine for projects with any number of matched or mismatched parentheses in the filename, but the auto-backup feature that makes a copy when you save may not work correctly even if the parentheses in the filename are all paired up correctly, and will crash if the parentheses are not matched up.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank you Daniel for the explanation - I had thought something spooky was going on…

So I got the file finished in time; here it is - if someone is interested:
Schubert_Der Wanderer D.489_3. Version_Bb-moll.dorico.zip (486 KB)