.Dorico files categorized as .jar malware in Exchange Online

Hi all

I’ve been encountering an odd problem with Dorico files… whenever any of our staff sends them as an email attachment, Microsoft Exchange Online protection thinks the files are malware. This is true for any Dorico files from any computer, sent from any mailbox (internal or other external services). Weirdly we get the exact same issue with Musescore, but both sets of files are cleared by literally every other system.

Has anyone else encountered this? Microsoft support seem to not comprehend the concept of a false-positive…

Many thanks!

Welcome to the forum, AlsagerIT. I’ve not heard of this before, and I’m not sure how we might go about trying to convince Microsoft that our files aren’t malware, but I’ll ask around and see if we can find our way into the Redmond labyrinth.

It’s maybe not surprising this hasn’t been heard of before, since MS removed its single-user version of Exchange for email a few years ago and replaced it with MS Outlook.

Exchange is (or should be, unless somebody is running an ancient version) only used on Windows Server.