Dorico First Steps "Changing the poco rit. final tempo"

In this lesson I successfully changed the tempo for the excercise. However I am unable to locate the one of the 2 “alternate” methods of accessing the tempo track. The main one (clicking on the Tempo icon) works, and the tempo track becomes visible. However I cannot locate one of the two other methods mentioned

below. I successfully found the “add editor” button but have not located the “editor header” for the other method. Where is it? Screen shot attached . As usual, deepest thanks to the very patient Forum

Text of tutorial:
Tempo is active at the top of the track overview.

In the track overview, click the Tempo track to show the Tempo editor in the lower zone.
You can also select Tempo from the menu in the editor header, or click Add Editor and select Tempo to show the Tempo editor in addition to the previous editor.

The editor header is just the bit to the left of the white editing area. In your screenshot, it’s the grey-ish bit where there’s the “Velocity” drop-down menu and a few other buttons.

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