Dorico First Steps is fantastic - everybody new to Dorico should work through this!

Lillie and the rest of the documentation staff for Dorico – Thank you, thank you, thank you! This introductory First Steps document (and the accompanying PDF files of the music for us to input) is exactly what I have needed to begin to understand and feel comfortable working with Dorico.

I very much appreciate the time and effort it took to create this document. When I first bought Dorico (version 1) I was really having a hard time working around all the capabilities and limitations, and never really got into version 2 or 3 or 3.5, but I am glad I persevered in finally purchasing the upgrade to version 4 and found this “first steps” document.

Thank you very much – this document and the great support you and Daniel and Ulf and others offer in this forum will finally get me to being able to do major projects in Dorico.


Well that’s just lovely to hear, thank you @dhbailey ! I’m really pleased that you’re finding it so helpful, that’s exactly what we wanted.

[Edit: it just struck me that a direct link might be helpful for anyone stumbling on this thread! You can find the First Steps guide and supporting materials here.)


I completed it months ago but also found the First Steps guide wonderfully helpful and have recommended it to others both on and off this forum.

I wonder if you might also consider a related First Steps guide to preparing an expression map (perhaps for a virtual instrument freely available online). If you or another member of the Dorico team could fit it into your already busy schedules I’m sure it would be appreciated by many. Regardless, your efforts are much appreciated!


We know that this area of documentation could benefit from some beefing up, so we’re planning some ways of going about that. In the meantime of course, John’s done a few fairly in-depth Discover Dorico sessions on a number of playback-related topics.

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Excellent helpful document

May I also recommend, as I know I’ve done before, Daniel Spreadbury’s wonderful tutorial " Typesetting choral Preces and Responses in Dorico". One needs to know the basics before tackling it, but no other tutorial has familiarized me so well with how Dorico works “beyond the basics.” Even though I’m unlikely ever to have occasion to typeset Preces and Responses for practical use, I learned an enormous amount from the time I spent working through every step. I would love to see many more (not necessarily by Daniel, he’s busy enough!) like this.

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Thanks for that link to Daniel’s tutorial. I will be sure to follow that in a while, along with sifting through the other tutorials on the web-site.