Dorico Flow Editor not working

I’ve tried multiple times and multiple ways to get the Flow hoadings editor to work. All I get is the screen without the editing strip. I go to engrave mode, select select the Flow Heading and all I get is the yellow/orange screen, white in the middle but no editing indicators. What am I doing wrong?

Could you attach a screenshot of the whole Dorico window so I can see what you’re seeing?

Here is the screenshot. Any help would be appreciated. I have a lot of trouble with creating and editing flow names, especially after using Make into Frame or other edits of the music. What am I doing wrong?


It looks as though you don’t have any frames at all. Under here it says “Insert Frames” in the top left, click on the T(ext) icon and then click and drag on the page in order to create a text frame. Then double-click it to get into text editing mode.

OK, but how do I move the text up or down? The text editor is intimidating.

Are you talking about multiple pieces of text relative to each other? If so, either use multiple text frames or use a single text frame and separate the pieces of text using Enter (just like in e.g. Word), or the text toolbar has an option in the top right corner that can move selected text up and down. For that matter, Paragraph Styles can each have their own leading values.

Or if you’re talking about the space between the Flow Heading and the music, that’s not done in here. Go to Layout Options > Page Setup > Flows > and set the Flow Heading Bottom Margin to whatever you like