Dorico for Apple Watch

Just saw in my Youtube notifications this link :

My German skills being limited (despite having 2 german ex girlfriends), I went to Google translate and it seems to mean something big’s coming on January 12th.
I guess it’s a misleading way to advertise the release of Dorico for Apple Watch, but I might be mistaken, we’ll see ?



I see somebody had fun with Photoshop :sweat_smile:
I’m all in for the chainsaw :metal:


I’d like a dorico toothbrush, where the oscillations change as you brush, so the bristles resonate different pitches on your teeth and play music in your head like bone-conduction headphones. As it is, I hum in harmony with my current TB… lol


Dorico for Apple Watch feature request for conductors:

Buzz the right beat, with a synaptic zap through the heart rate monitor that automatically moves my hand. Count beats (like it counts steps) by synching with the Dorico iPad app, telling me when to stop conducting . This way I can watch a movie on my iPad on the music stand, but this means the Dorico app on the iPad must work in the background. When Dorico is in the background, only send the movie audio to my earbuds.

As a former dabbler in writing HTML code, I know this is easy to program, only taking a couple of days, with perhaps another day for documentation.


I love you!!!?

I’d like Dorico for Carplay. Why waste time in traffic or on long road trips, when I could compose on the go? I can use Siri to enter notes, and use the controls on the steering wheel to change durations, articulations, etc. Thanks, Dorico Team!


Other Dorico Products: Dorico Office chair, comes with stress sensors and contract for a massage therapist - none of that vibrating roller thingy nonsense. Pages the therapist automatically and prevents further Dorico forum reading or posting until Dopamine levels are near normal. Standard issue for Dorico team members, a Yoga version is also available. “Heavy Duty” version is offered to anyone who writes for marching band.


I’d like a version that can convert my singing in the shower to a full orchestration.


I see my much-asked-for cappuccino making feature has now been reduced to a drip coffee maker. I mean, why do we even bother posting our feature requests? :grinning:


Dorico Forum for Apple Watch - detects jerky comments and zaps you, displaying a simple “NO!” in capital letters.

On a serious note - how cool if you could control playback as a conductor with the accelerometers in the Apple Watch?

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That’s what I’m talking about! I’d be so caffeinated, I’d forget that I’d hit Insert - and I wouldn’t care!


Your comments, or others? I’d hate to be zapped because someone else said something silly…
Oh, the things we occupy ourselves with while we wait!

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Ah yes good point!

Oh lordt. The dreaded I Hit ‘Insert’ Unknowingly And Everything Shifted syndrome. Been there a thousand times. The WORST.

you are extraordinary!

Maybe the Dorico watch could disable Insert when you move your hand to the next command. That would just take a little bit of AI after monitoring all the users.

Another feature request: the watch zaps you if you key in parallel fifths. This would be a mandatory setting for theory students. Of course, it would be automatically disabled if electric guitar is in the ensemble, since it’s a “smart” watch.

Now I’m having second thoughts about the AI monitoring . It would be embarrassing to find out how bad my music is, and have that fact get hacked.

This is rather funny to me. I very much remember being talked out of them as a student, and now I use parallels allll the time as a composer lol. (In my defense, I do a lot of chant-harmonization work.)


Imagine that when you are undercaffeinated…