Dorico for drafting with VSL vs NP


I’ve recently babbled a lot, in this forum, about sketching with Dorico. I just completed a first sketch, that was an on-field test for my method. I started with a few lines, and then let it grow to nearly full orchestration.

I didn’t use an original creation, because I didn’t want the sounds to drive me. So, I used Prokofiev’s Third Symphony, that will allow an easy comparison of the results.

The sound libraries are only ensemble libraries (VSL BBO). Notes are entered exclusively by typing. A limited DAW work was done on some melodies, to give them some more movement. I liked the Play tools a lot: they are practical, focused, utilitarian.

Not as refined as NotePerformer as for performance, but not even too static. I find it can work as a mockup that can let one understand how the piece will sound in the end.


…and this is the version with VSL Synchronized SE Vol. 1/+:

…and this one with NotePerformer: