Dorico for iPad 2.3 doesn't recognize active subscription

It looks like it’s crashing for some reason trying to restore the last project you had open before the update. Unfortunately, clearing this is a bit of a pain!

Make sure you don’t have any projects you want to keep located in Dorico’s local storage on your iPad (you’ll find them in the Files app, under On my iPad and then inside the Dorico folder), and if so, move them or share them somewhere else.

Once you’re sure you’ve saved any vital data that lives inside the Dorico app container, delete the app altogether and reinstall from the App Store. That should allow it to restart cleanly and get you back up and running.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

I can confirm what Daniel has written. Since yesterday, I couldn’t get Dorico to work, it would quit after showing that big d picture gor ten seconds… I deleted the app, reinstalled it (not the last version though) and it started again flawlessly. But without any files.

I had the same happen with the new 2.3.1 update, but after a few restarts of the app and much patience it finally did open. It happened the first time after an unsuccesful attempt to open a file from Dropbox, which is prone to freeze in the Files app.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I have never changed my subscription since adopting the paid, monthly subscription.

That solved it. I can now open the app again AND I can finally access the subscription features. Many thanks for your help, @dspreadbury , and the others for chiming in! I’ll mark the issue as solved.

Had the same problem. I reinstalled the app however now after loading songs from the Cloud I don’t see a location or an On My iPad folder. I made my own but files aren’ going there, guess I need to direct it but how? Where or how are the files being saved?

New files that you create are being saved into an iCloud location, but they’re not showing up in the Files app: I’m not sure why, but this is something that we’ll be looking into tomorrow, and we’ll advise once we know more.

Hi Wayjaz
The issue you’ve described with saving new files is discussed here: