Dorico for iPad - A way to designate right hand vs left hand notes (for playback in Synthesia)?

Totally new to midi recording. I have a digital piano with MIDI and mainly what I’d like to do, is capture/record musical ideas using my digital piano, directly to midi and musical notation (creating a music sheet).

Then I’d like to “clean it up”, and as part of this process would be designating which notes are for the right hand and left hand, so that the notes show up correctly in the music sheet, but also in piano roll types of applications like Synthesia, where the falling notes are color coded (for example right hand notes are blue, and left hand notes are orange).

How would I do this in Dorico for iPad?

Are you planning to record in Synthsia and then transfer to Dorico or the reverse?

Record in Dorico, clean up in Dorico, and play in Synthesia

Ideally you need to have an attached keyboard to do this well in the iPad version - if you do -

Enter note entry mode on the piano staff
Shift+arrow down or up to extend the caret over the two staves
Record your music in
Tidy it up. These commands help:

V - swap voice
Shift+v - swap into new voice
Alt n/m - move into the staff above/below

At least, I think these things will work with the iPad version - I don’t have a keyboard to work with mine. I have to say it’s probably a lot harder on the iPad than the desktop.

I have a digital piano connected to my iPad via Bluetooth MIDI.
I don’t have a qwerty keyboard nor would it practically work in my physical setup unfortunately.

I’ve been experimenting a little bit and it appears that notes in the bass clef are interpreted as “left hand” in Synthesia, and treble clef notes are interpreted as “right hand”. That means the falling notes in Synthesia will be color coded differently, which is the goal.

What I cannot figure out in Dorico for iPad, is how do I move a note (or a selection of notes) from the bass clef, into the treble clef, and vice versa.

Without a hardware keyboard, I don’t think you can at present, which is obviously not ideal! I will think about how best to expose those functions via the touch interface and we’ll add them as soon as possible.

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