Dorico for iPad - can't edit imported music xml

  • import music xml file made by another app (either by sharing out of that app or saving to files first)
  • Dorico opens it in read only mode, displaying a long (and somewhat unclear) message that the project is opened from read-only location and should be saved elsewhere (why is Dorico folder read-only location? Why is iCloud read-only location? Is there a non read-only location)
  • Clicking on share and selecting “Dorico Project” opens the standard iOS dialog
  • when I want to save to files, another dialog opens but vanishes before I could select save location

Result: file is not saved. Can’t edit imported music xml file

Expected result: actually, when I share music xml from another app, I expect it to be read-write and save it directly to dorico as a normal project.
Acceptable workaround would be to be able to at least save dorico project so I can edit it

iCloud is a read-only location because Dorico can’t easily hook into the iPadOS file system.

The fact that you can’t edit or save would suggest that the file contains more players than the Dorico tier supports. How many players are in the file, and have you subscribed to Dorico? If not, you’re limited to two players, or four if you hand over your Steinberg account details.

Ah ok, that would make sense, but in this case there should be a message box explaining why I can’t save. Catch 22: I have not subscribed (in part) due to this issue.