Dorico for IPad: Crashing (New iPad Pro ‘21) 3 issues; 2 unresolved! Waiting..?

Hi Folks, my old iPad Pro bit the dust last week, broke the my piggy bank bought a new iPad Pro 12.9 a couple days ago.

The Ipad is awesome and running without flaw throughout, except when I need to get work done; I’ve been experiencing regular crashes from Dorico for iPad app for the past 3 days ago as well as 2 other ongoing problems since last year, which has left the app unusable at this time. Here’s whats going on:

  1. Newest! while entering notes, either bluetooth keyboard or by touch screen regular (every couple minutes )crash occur freezing the screen afterwards switching to another song files.
  2. Crashes, while entering anything for search in the search panel. *I’ve been getting this one since the App came out last year.
  3. When entering notes, random half or whole rest appear in or above/below staff*. Again, same BIG a** problem has been going on far to long.

I would appreciate a reply to these important (unresolved) issues, which needless to say are quiet the hinderance when trying to writing ANY kind of music.

Welcome to the forum, @Wayjaz. The third of your problems will definitively be fixed in the forthcoming update, which we are working on right now, and which should be released in the next couple of weeks.

Can you tell me a bit more about the crash you’re experiencing when entering into the “search panel” – what search panel is that specifically?

Hi Daniel,

Funny, I can’t seem remember the of the name of the search field, but I’ve attached a photo below. Anyway, entering a search in the this field then hitting return causes the whole app to crashes. It will also crash by just placing the curser in the search box -but not entering anything- then pushing any other option on the page within the app or not will cause the app to crash completely.

Thanks for the quick reply. I really appreciate it as well as all the work you guys you’ve done getting this app out in the first place; moreover I enjoy using it as well the full pro Dorico desktop!


Thanks, I understand where you mean now. Unfortunately I’m unable to reproduce the problem myself: when I type into that field and hit Return, the dialog closes, but Dorico doesn’t crash. Perhaps you could send me the crash logs? You can share them off your iPad to your Mac, then zip them up and send them to me.

  • Open Settings app
  • Tap Privacy
  • Tap Analytics & Improvements
  • Tap Analytics Data
  • Find any crash logs with names starting “Dorico”
  • Tap Share at the top right to share them via AirDrop to your Mac.
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