Dorico for iPad does not let me export a single part to musicxml?

So if I have a SATB configuration and I select the Alto layout and I attempt to export it via music XML option on dorico, it exports the whole SATB score with no option to select what to export. I only want to export the music XML file of a single part.

It’s funny because if I try to export a PDF and I have the Alto layout selected, it WILL export the PDF with the alto only. Same thing with MIDI. For whatever reason though, exporting Music XML/audio exports the entirety of the score. I am aware that I could potentially just modify the “Full score” layout to include only the part I want exported but, there doesn’t seem to be a reason for it to have to be that way…

Thanks in advance

This looks like a little bug to me. Dorico should be exporting MusicXML from the layout you’re currently looking at. I will make sure this gets fixed as soon as possible.