Dorico for iPad - editorial accidentals above staff?


I’m editing a Renaissance collection, and want to place editorial accidentals above the staff (and notes). How can I do this in Dorico for iPad?


On ‘desktop Dorico’, you would create new Playing Techniques, once for each accidental, which would then sit above the notes to which they were applied.

I’m not sure if/how you can do that on iPad, without starting from a document that already has them created.

Thanks for the response. I haven’t so far found how that could be done in the iPad version. But it seems an odd way of doing it, since it’s not a playing technique.

Can it be done in engrave mode?

Playing Techniques are a catch-all for ‘any symbol that goes above or below the note’.

You can’t move an accidental to a position above the notehead, if that’s what you mean. You can use square brackets on accidentals, or reduce the scale of an accidental to create ‘small accidentals’, both of which are common enough styles for editorial accidentals.

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Thanks again, that clarified the possibilities. .

It looks like the standard 220 playing techniques included in the various non-Pro editions don’t include accidentals, so I’ll likely subscribe to gain the Engrave mode and then use square brackets.

Meanwhile, it would be nice if ficta (and bracketed varieties) would be just one of the possible representations of an accidental on a note (in which case they would even play back). This may already be on the long list of feature requests. I also have them as playing techniques in my default setup, and, as such, they are easy to use.

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actually you don’t need Engrave mode.
Open the bottom panel and put the Accidental Property to [Square brackets];

Thanks, that’s great. It’s amazing what the iPad version can do.

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Ficta have been requested for a long time. Fortunately custom playing techniques are an easy enough workaround (although they don’t play back). I would appreciate ficta accidentals being baked in though.

You can of course hide the ‘sounding’ accidental to achieve correct playback after adding the PT ‘ficta’.