Dorico for iPad - import xml files

I have been using MuseScore for some time and have over 300 tunes and songs that I would like to import into Dorico… MuseScore exports in 3 formats uncompressed. .xml, compressed .mxl and .musicxml
I have tried to use the import at left bottom side it does open my drive folder and the file containing the .xmls but the uncompressed is greyed out and the other 2 shows errors when loading, so I cannot open any of them in Dorico.
I have found that if I open my Drive I can select a xml file then open it in Dorico but it remains a .xml file in the Dorico saved folder.

Two other small problems I have are:
I cannot get the composer
name to show in the pieces. Where can I correct this?

In one piece it is a 4/4 but the notations starts with 3/8 setting , the first bar of second instrument is a dotted rest ands that is shown up in orange and I cannot change it to black. Any ideas?



Are the files you’re trying to open located in e.g. your Google Drive? If so, there’s a limitation in the Google Drive app concerning which file types it allows you to open in other apps. If you have the option of moving your files into another location, e.g. iCloud Drive, then you should be able to open them in Dorico for iPad.

Thanks, yes that worked but unfortunately most of my stuff is on Google Drive. so I will need to save all the .xml files in google drive which is going to be a task at best


Unfortunately the limitation is in Google Drive itself, and there’s nothing we can do about it. I know that’s a pain.