Dorico for iPad issues and questions

Thank you for sharing this - I shall get this fixed up asap.

Lillie, thanks for the clarification on the terminology. Nevertheless, I am unable to bring up the options for the instrument by clicking the instrument label menu … The app hangs when I do this and I have to force quit to get the app to be responsive again.

Also as I mentioned earlier when I click the region just to the right of the instrument name (where the instrument menu arrow would be on the desktop version), the instrument label disappears (the player card remains the same size as if it is trying to display the instrument label). So there is something amiss in the instrument label control. I suspect there is a tap target left over from the conversion of Dorico to iPad.

I don’t think there’s anything fundamentally wrong with the tap target for the menu that is opened from the instrument label’s button, but we may have to get our hands on one of the new iPad Mini devices to try this out for ourselves. I can’t make any promises as to when that might be (we sadly can’t just magic up £500 devices at the drop of a hat) but I will ask whether we can get hold of one. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

OK. Thanks for looking into it.

Dropdown menus still don’t work in the iPad mini 6. Is there any hope this will be fixed? Program is unusable for me without this.

Also, what exactly does parity with Doricxo for desktop mean. There still is no way to edit or even examine expression maps or play templates. Is it the case that we should expect these will never work?

We’ve still not got a new iPad mini, I’m afraid, so we’ve been unable to test on that hardware. I guess the issue is simply that the touch target is too small. I know one of our beta testers has an iPad mini and he didn’t report this issue but I will check with him whether he is able to reproduce the problem.

When we say “parity” we don’t mean that every feature included in Dorico Pro will be included in Dorico for iPad, so perhaps it’s not the best choice of terminology. What we mean is that the file format is fully the same, and that where it makes sense, features from the desktop version are included in the iPad version.

We certainly don’t rule out allowing users to create expression maps in Dorico for iPad, but we need to do some more work on where they will go and how they can be best imported/exported between different projects.

I have confirmed with our iPad mini-using beta tester that he sees the same problem. I’ve set the wheels in motion for us to get our hands on one of these devices, but it always takes a while. I’ll report back once I have further information. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

Thank you.

Just to say that we now have an iPad mini in-house and can reproduce these problems. We’re working on a solution, but I’m afraid no fix is included in today’s Dorico for iPad 2.1 update. Please bear with us: we will hopefully have some solutions in the near future.

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On the Desktop version of Dorico, one can use the Help > About menu item (in Windows) to check the version of the software. How does one check the iPad version for the version one is currently running (to see if an update was successful)? How does one set the iPad version for automatic updates or check to see if that has already been enabled?

The version number is displayed at the bottom of the Hub.

The automatic update option is in the Settings app on the iPad, I believe.

I found the version number: thank you.

Cannot find the automatic update option, and my version has not updated, nor does the app store give me that option. I am still on 2.0.0.

It’s in the Settings app, under App Store, as per this screenshot (the second option down from the list on the right)

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It can take up to 24 hours for all App Stores around the world to update when a new app version is released. So try again tomorrow. You’re not missing anything earth-shattering if you don’t get the update until tomorrow, I promise!

Future updates will be a bit more significant. One fun improvement today is that I have opened a project from iCloud Drive directly for the first time and saved the changes directly back there, so the work on adding support for Open in Place is coming along nicely and should be included in the next update.


Thank you, @njfreestone . With my desktop mindset, I was looking for a Setting within the Dorico iPad app itself. Thank you for clearing that up. Oddly my settings there resemble your diagram, so perhaps Daniel is correct that I will see the newer version in a day or so.

Thanks, all.

Any progress on these issues? They seem to still be unresponsive in version 2.2.

We are working on it, but haven’t got a solution yet, I’m afraid. The issues arise from the new iPad mini having a different aspect ratio to every other iPad display in the range, and we are having to make some adaptations to fix these problems. Sorry for the continued inconvenience.

Thanks for the update.

Bonjour Daniel, I still have the same problem with my iPad 9th gen 256 Go. The issue must be similar than with the mini I suppose? Thank you!