Dorico for iPad issues and questions

Yes, the settings you make in the Chord Symbols Options dialog, which you can access from the application menu in the top right-hand corner of the window, are local to the current project.

Thank you.

I’m using Dorico for iPad with Subscription.
Going through First Steps and trying to add a slur to the down stem voice between bars 9 & 10, Cmd-click does not work. The selected note in bar 9 loses focus when Cmd-clicking on a down stem note in bar 10.
Might this be a bug?
Selecting a down stem note in bar 9 and Shift-clicking a down stem note in bar 10 selects all the notes and rest in both voices.
The only way I could complete the selection of a single voice across multiple bars, without selecting any notes from the other voice, was by using the Add to Selection button. The Extend Selection button selects both upper and lower voices, not just a single voice, FYI.

The iPad version doesn’t currently support Command-click as a way of adding to the selection. Instead, there’s a button on the secondary toolbar – in fact, there are two: one to extend the selection (as if you were holding Shift on the desktop version) and one to add to the selection (as if you were holding Command). See here:

First Steps is really intended for the desktop version at the moment, and we’ve not made a version of it for the iPad version, which we would like to do in future, time allowing.

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Okay, thanks. I like the way you explained those buttons as simulating using the Shift key vs the Cmd key. I’ll think of them that way from now on.

So far, everything else has worked, even pressing F to Flip the slur.

I’ve found the Apple Pencil to be the simplest, most precise way to select items in Dorico for iPad. Even more precise than trying to use a mouse.