Dorico for iPad latest manual version

Is there an iPad manual more recent than v. 1.2?

No, not at this time.

I like reading user manuals, so just went to the iPad help linked within the app, to have a read, and see it still says v1.2. Given the version number update with 5 now, where do you actually find the correct information for using the iPad version? Should I just be reading the desktop version instead and try and translate mouse instructions into likely touch operations? Or something similar?

As a partial explanation: Dorico for iPad is really version 3, but since its features more or less parallel Elements 5, the Developers decided to skip a few numbers to minimize confusion.

Thanks. I did see in the version 5 release notes about syncing the version number, so that’s OK, just not sure how much actual difference there is between the iPad and Desktop versions. If they are feature matched with just some UI differences, I can probably figure that out. I don’t want to read the windows manual though and go hunting for features in the iPad version that don’t exist.