Dorico for iPad: Note input with the finger and Apple Pencil

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I am using Dorico on iPad (mini), and I have seen it is only possible to input notes with an instrument.
I have Dorico pro on my Mac, and to be honest I input all my notes with the mouse. I do not play well the piano, nor the guitar and it is super easy for me to write complex chords on the staff than on a keyboard…

Could it be possible to unlock note input with the finger and the appel pencil ?

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By th way, Dorico is an amazing software! Thank you for all the work you put on it!

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Daniel Spreadbury (THE product manager) answered the exact same question yesterday…

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Hi Marc,

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So bad it is not allowed… there is no keyboard on the iPad mini…

Thank you anyway!

Well, the good news is that it will be allowed… when the team updates the Qt framework. So it’s just a matter of time.


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I’ve found the best experience with the iPad is with an Apple BT keyboard and touch pad. Finger gestures are chaotic with the present version but the touchpad works perfectly (no swipe gestures however). I have these two devices, and a Steinberg 2ch interface which has selectable power input - so you can power off another USB port than the iPad - and a MIDI keyboard into the interface. This setup is as good as desktop with no glitches, within the iPad limitations.

Only annoying thing is the iPad brings up a ‘helpful’ overlay showing you the available shortcuts when you hold the mod keys too long. Incredibly annoying as it pops up all the time, and you can’t disable it per Apple’s infinite wisdom.


Thank you so much for your advice! It seems a great idea, I will think about it! :slight_smile:
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