Dorico for iPad PDF File Export Issue


I’ve been using the free version of Dorico for iPad for a couple of months, but now I noticed that when I export a PDF file the notes are blacked out. Is this a new limitation since the update? Or am I doing something wrong?

Also, can I open iPad projects in the desktop version? I do own the Pro version of Dorico for PC. Worst case scenario, I’ll just import the iPad projects to my desktop and convert to PDF from there.


if you have a licensed Dorico Pro version on your desktop, you will be able to use the advanced version on your iPad, too. If I remember correctly you will have to leave your MySteinberg credentials on your iPad once.

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This printing problem is fixed in the Dorico for iPad 2.3.10 update, which was released yesterday morning. Please make sure you’re running the most recent version.

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Thanks guys!

My iPad hadn’t performed the update, so I had to do it manually. Once that was done, exporting PDF files worked as usual.

Currently, I do not own the latest version of Dorico Pro (I have the previous version), but I plan on upgrading soon. Will I be able to unlock all the advanced features of the iPad version then? I was never able to go into Engrave mode, so hopefully that is why since I’m pretty sure that I put my Steinberg credentials the first time I opened the app.

Dorico for iPad is a completely independent purchase to Dorico on the desktop: having Dorico Pro on the desktop doesn’t qualify you for the subscription features in Dorico for iPad, I’m afraid. When you sign in to Dorico for iPad with your Steinberg ID the player count is doubled from two to four, but Engrave mode and other advanced features are only included when you subscribe.

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Ah, I see. Thanks for the clarification.

One more thing, I upgraded to Dorico 4 from 3.5, however it seems that I’m required to plug in the eLicenser in order to finish the activation process. Is there a way to override this? I was hoping not to have to deal with the eLicenser dongle anymore, but alas.

That should be the last time. Then the e-licenser app will tell that the license is no longer upgradable (because it already has been upgraded). And you won’t need it anymore (unless you have other Steinberg products that are still on the e-licenser scheme).

Yes, it should be possible, provided your eLicenser is registered to your MySteinberg account. You should be able to redeem your Dorico 4 Download Access Code online here:

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Seems like I have no choice but to find where I put my eLicenser key and connect it to the computer :triumph:. Even though all of my Steinberg products are showing up in my Steinberg account, it’s still asking to upgrade the license found in the eLicenser key.

Alright, it’s been successfully activated.

I was afraid it was going to take me longer to find my eLicencer, but it wasn’t bad at all. This time I’ll place them (I found 4 of them, lol) in an easier to find location.

Thankfully I only had one of the newer iterations, which made it easier to figure out which one had the license. Unfortunately, I will probably need to go through the same process again if I decide to upgrade Cubase down the road. :face_vomiting:

Sorry for being so dramatic. I just don’t like installing unnecessary softwares in my system. It’s been rock solid and I’m trying to keep it that way. Thanks for all your help!

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