Dorico for iPad - String Bass and Upright Bass playback transpose 2 octaves down instead of 1

On Dorico for iPad, the Double Bass (arco) and bass guitar both play the expected 1 octave down transposition but the String Bass and Upright Bass (both pizzicato sounds) play 2 octaves down.

I could solve this on pc but I can’t find a way to correct this on iPad.

Thanks for reporting this, @JMMCC, and welcome to the forum. I’ll add this to my list of things to check in the iPad version. In the next update (coming soon) you will definitely be able to sort this out for yourself (e.g. if you encounter this behaviour with a third-party Audio Unit sound source) because you will be able to adjust the chosen expression map for a given channel via the Endpoint Setup dialog.

Brilliant, thanks. Looking forward to the upgrade.

I am new to Dorico but the basses are all playing fine from the Halion player apart from the three or four with VX after their names. With these the Halion keyboard greys out all notes from Bb below C1 and they don’t sound. It doesn’t much matter there are plenty of other basses to choose from, I was just curious to know why that was and if there is an adjustment to ungrey those keys.

You can’t change the playable range of the patches in HALion Sonic SE, I’m afraid, so the range that you can play is determined by the sound designer who put the patches together to begin with.