Dorico for iPad won’t open

Just got Dorico for iPad about a week ago. I’ve been learning to use it and created a couple simple projects…. No issues (other than a steep learning curve) but today it simply won’t open. Have restarted the iPad already…. Using a new iPad Air (4th gen) and brand new Dorico download (free version)…. What’s up? Did I miss that there is a timeout on the free version. Do I go back to Notion?

Hi @rich.celio & welcome to the forum,

There have been significant issues with the last Dorico update (2.3) released recently, particularly with catastrophic crashing, requiring a complete re-install & filing issues around iCloud storage. I understand that Steinberg are working hard to resolve these issues but currently don’t have a solution.

You are not missing anything, there is no time restriction on the free version. I used it myself for months without problems before taking the plunge & subscribing. I, like yourself moved from Notion & was loving Dorico until a couple of weeks ago. I think it’s worth persevering with as it is incredibly powerful (but as you say a steep learning curve).

Most of the topics that have been active over the last week or two concern these two issues.

If you do decide to reinstall, I’d advise you to find the brown “Dorico” folder in your iPad files app & copy it’s contents to a folder of your own, otherwise you will lose all your work.

Thanks Eagle2! Appreciate the quick response… I’ll be waiting a while before going through this again… I assume I’ll have to check in periodically to see if the fix is in since it doesn’t appear that Steinberg (like most developers) is proactive on notices for this kind of thing…

Sorry you’re having problems, @rich.celio. You should be able to get back up and running easily enough, though it’s a bit of a hassle.

In the Files app, go to On this iPad, then to the Dorico folder, and move all of the project files you see there that you want to keep to another location, e.g. into your iCloud Drive folder. The projects that appear in the Dorico folder inside On this iPad are actually located inside the Dorico app container, and will be removed when you delete the app.

Once you’re sure you’ve rescued those files, delete the Dorico app altogether from your iPad and then re-download it from the App Store.

Thanks. Do you know if there has there been an update that fixes the problem? Can’t tell from the description of the latest update on the apple apps store. Won’t be doing anything until then…

No, there’s no new update as yet, but we’re hard at work on the next update.

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