Dorico for Windows with Wine on Mac?

I can’t update to Dorico 4, because my old Mac runs with HighSierra, which isn’t supported by D4.
Is D4 running in the Windowsemulation Wine? That would be a way to get D4 working on my Mac.

There was a thread some time back on running Dorico under Wine on Linux? Search for @snakeeyes021 posts.

The thread isn’t actually that, was I was looking, and it’s quite old. But it seems that Dorico runs with Wine in Linux. The main problem was the e licenser, but that should be no problem anymore, because the e License doesn’t exist anymore. Has anybody tried to install D4 on a Wine emulation on Mac?

I only referenced it as here was someone experimenting with Dorico under Wine.

Why don’t you try it and see if it works?

Yes of course, but I’m not quite sure, how to install and to use it.

In case you have a Windows license somewhere you can try to install a virtual machine on your mac.

You can do this by downloading and installing Virtual Box on your Mac and then create a virtual PC running Windows natively. Virtual Box is a free software from Oracle, that creates virtual machines within your MacOS.