Dorico freezes when connect an iPad via Audio-MIDI-Setup

Dorico freezes every time, when I connect my iPad via usb cable using Audio-MIDI-Setup (Catalina), while Dorico is open.
I have to force-quit and restart it every time.
Is this a bug?

Don’t know yet. Please do once more, plug-in the iPad so that Dorico freezes. Force quit and relaunch and then immediately choose from the main menu ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’. The corresponding zip file please attach here. Thanks

It sounds to me like a MIDI feedback loop. Can you make sure that you don’t have the same MIDI port chosen both as a playback device in Play mode and as an input device on the Play page of Preferences in the MIDI Input Devices dialog?

Hi Daniel,
thanks, it seems to work :blush: