Dorico freezing w/audio playback preferences

Hi there,
I am having an issue where Dorico freezes when I try to do certain actions. I am unable to access the playback buttons and when I try to choose a device in preferences Dorico freezes and stops responding. The same thing happens if I try to save the project or open another project to reference at the same time. I downloaded the most recent updates in the download assistant and I am trying to see if I have to select the most recent VSTs to use them. I believe the issue has to do with the audio engine itself and I would appreciate any advice.

Hi @lakegirl264 , please do from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks.
From the contained data we can give more advice.

Dorico (3.4 MB)
Here it is thanks

Hi @lakegirl264 , thanks for the data, but I:m pretty stunned, because that what I see in the logs and diagnostic files just does not fit together into a whole picture, the pieces just don:t want to fit into the puzzle, I havn:t seen something like this before, therefore I have not much advice at this moment.
But please do the following, go to Activity Monitor and make sure that both, and the VSTAudioEngine process are not running. Kill them off if one or the other is still around. When you then launch Dorico again, does it start up without hick ups and no endless waiting for the audio engine? If so, for how long can you then work, until trouble starts again? Do the problems only come back after you quit Dorico and launch it again? Before relaunching Dorico, please have a look at Activity Monitor, is the VSTAudioEngine still running from before. If so, kill it off before launching Dorico. When you get again the “waiting for audio engine” or no response from Dorico, please create via Activity Monitor a spindump (at the top of the Activity Monitor window is an icon with 3 dots, click on that and choose Spindump from the pop-up menu). Please post such spindump here, along with a fresh diagnostics report. Thank you very much

Dorico (2.6 MB)
Spindump (492.1 KB)
Hi @Ulf , so what’s interesting is that the VSTAudioEngine was running before I opened Dorico. Even though I killed it I still happened to experience the same exact problems in the software (that being actions related to Playback and VSTs in preferences would freeze the software). When I closed down the application I had to kill the VSTAudioEngine again because it was still open. I may have opened it in finder yesterday by mistake. I then tried to open the program again and it got stuck. I have the spindump posted here as well as an updated diagnostic file. Would you recommend I delete the application and reinstall it? Thanks for your help

When the application freezes this happens

@Ulf So I decided to delete the Dorico application where can I go to reinstall it again? Thanks

@Ulf Update, I figured out how to reinstall the application but it still fails to open. Not sure what to do here. Thanks

Hi @lakegirl264 , thanks for all the data. At least the spindump shows me, that the audio engine is heavily busy within Kontakt, so it seems to be stuck in there.
I would try the following next:
Go to /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/ and from that folder temporarily move out the 2 bundles Kontakt.vst3 and Kontakt 7.vst3 to for example the Desktop.
With those two plug-ins hidden away from Dorico, please try to start it again (after killing any running Dorico or VSTAudioEngine process).
How does it behave then?

I’ve also sent you a private message, please also take a look at that.

@Ulf Thank you I think that worked! It seems to be up and running but if I run into any more issues I’ll let you know!

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