Dorico function for double time

Hi Steinberg community, does Dorico have a function that allow to rewrite something at double time or half time ? (I cannot use a cut time because I want the double time only in the drum part).
Thank you, Valerio

You can turn on insert mode, select all notes, and Edit—double duration. It doesn’t work if there are tuplets. You may find you are best doing it in sections anyways, but it’s pretty quick.

Hi Dan, I see that it changes only the duration of the notes but not of the pauses, it is not playing at the double of the speed. Do you have another solution? Thank you

If you want to double the speed of playback, you’ll need to add a suitable tempo marking.

I think Dan may have misunderstood Valerio’s original request, since I am guessing Valerio’s references to “double time” meant he wanted notes to be half, rather than double, their original value.

Admittedly I tried this on a simple file, but I did not see problems with pauses, though repeat measures stayed constant while the notes shifted within them.

I’ve always thought “half time” meant half the speed… maybe that’s a regional thing.

Admittedly, the term might be interpreted differently in different communities.
(I know when my mother told me to do something double time, she meant for me to get to it faster. :grimacing:)

That’s double time. OP referred to both double time and half time; I assumed they were opposites.

Right you are.

Sorry if I didn’t make myself understood, this is the feature I am looking for. I would like to change the left part into the right one
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That would use Write > Edit Duration > Halve Duration.

You would want to choose the first measure with Insert on and then apply the Halve Duration command.

But then you might have to add the two quarter-note beats back in, as everything after the halved measure would (due to insert) be moved earlier to fill the vacated beats in the selected stave(s).

There may be a way to set time signatures or something to prevent material after the altered notes from shifting, but I am not aware of it off the top of my head. If anyone does know, I’m sure they will chime in soon.

I don’t think there’s currently a “safe” way to use Insert mode.
The most foolproof method I can think of is to copy the material into a new flow, halve the duration (following Derrek’s steps), then turn off Insert mode, then cut and paste the material back to the original flow. Then tidy up any global stuff that needs to be shifted (time signatures, dynamics, chord symbols etc.).

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