Dorico Glissando playback

While it is not as widely used as a white key glissando, it would be great if they could add black key glissando for keyboard instruments.


Recently I experimented a lot to get the best possible glissandi playback as used in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. There are glissandi for strings, horns and trombones in this piece. Most with multiple voices (up to 10) often starting on adjacent notes.

Comparing with the registered version of this piece the Dorico pitch bend option with glissandi type set to continuous comes closest in my opinion. For a version using the sampled portamento articulation, I added all intermediate notes between the indicated start and end note but was not able to smooth out the attack to get the continuous pitch raise required.

Even with pitch bend, ,due to the very slow tempo and multiple full bar durations of glissandi in this piece, the end note is often reached a bit too early. Activating the start delay option for glissandi in Dorico makes this slightly better.

I also tried several sampled glissandi but due to the way these are sampled or activated ( by the end note or as fixed interval) in the VSL libraries playback is not satisfactory for the glissandi in the J.W. piece.