Dorico hangs in Print mode

Hi, If I accidentaly try to use any of the “Move View” commands in Print mode Dorico hangs almost every time.


MacBook Pro running Sierra

Do you mean if you hit Home/End/Page Up/Page Down, or something else? If you mean the former, I’m unable to reproduce the problem.

Yes, but on a laptop so use fn-key with left/right/up/down arrow keys.


Yes, me too, and I’m unable to reproduce the problem.

Ok, happenes most of the times for me. No big deal, just have to remeber not to use those commands.
Could using a swedish keyboard have anything to do with it perhaps.


Now I couldn’t get it to happen either, but got a crash when switching quickly between print, engrave and write mode with the key commands.

Didn’t want to create a new thread for such a mundane question about printing. I went to print/create a PDF of a piece I am working on and the print preview was picking up the ‘system break’ symbols down the staves. When I exported the score as a PDF it also included these system break symbols. Clicking the mono colour option made these symbols mono in the print preview. I am wondering if this is a setting I have ticked or whether it is a bug? After a quick restart of the program, they have disappeared and are no longer an issue! Cheers!

Go to the Annotations section in the print options panel and make sure the ‘View options’ checkbox is switched off.

Dear Daniel, I tried this annotations options, and when I deselected everything, the system breaks remained (see the image attached). And quitting and relaunching, it disappears. There must be some kind of refreshing screen problem.