Dorico Hangs on Startup if Previously Run

I’m playing around with my brand new upgrade to Dorico 5 Pro on Windows 11, and have the latest version (5.0.10, 30 May 2023). I’ve already reported one issue with trills, but there is an even more annoying one.

If I close down Dorico, to free up memory and do something else, when I try to start it up again, it hangs indefinitely at “Wait for audio engine initialization”.

My only option, it seems, is to reboot the entire computer!

Any thoughts on how to bypass this?

Dorico has two main processes: Dorico itself and “VST Audio Engine”. Normally, quitting Dorico also quits the Audio engine; but if Dorico doesn’t exit ‘cleanly’, the Engine can be left hanging. This means that when Dorico re-starts, it can’t launch a new VST Audio Engine.

So, you need to make sure that the Audio Engine process has quit before restarting Dorico; and ideally find out why Dorico isn’t quitting cleanly in the first place.

Is that still a necessary thing? Dorico shouldn’t use much in the way of resources without any projects open; but surely, memory management will prioritize whatever you’re using instead.

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Thanks for your reply!

This is a brand-new, clean install - I actually decided to uninstall my entire Dorico 4 Pro system, including Halion Sonic and everything else before installing the new version, just yesterday.

So as to why Dorico is not exiting cleanly, after I’ve closed down whichever projects I was playing around with, anyone can guess.

FWIW, I did run Task Manager, and spotted “VST Audio Engine” or some such process still running after I’d closed down Dorico. I’ll see if zapping that before restarting Dorico does the trick!

I have the same problem.
I wouldn’t know how to find out that Dorico is quitting cleanly.
That should be the job of the Dorico developers.

This is exactly the correct method.
If Dorico hangs on start up “waiting for Audio Engine” or similar - then you should end both Dorico and VSTAudioEngine in Task Manager.

I may be wrong, but the Audio Engine can take quite a few seconds to shut down even if Dorico has apparently closed. So if you try to restart Dorico too soon, it will hang.

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Thanks for that - I also noticed two other background processes that were left running; one was the Steinberg Licensing Manager, and the other the Steinberg Media Bay Server.

But after manually zapping these (while Dorico was not running), I could not start Dorico at all - not even as far as the black banner screen. Again, I needed to do a complete reboot.

I’m not sure you should kill those ones. Some things may run in the background.

You could provide them with a Diagnostic Report (from the Help menu), so they can assess what’s going on. Why your particular computer has a problem could be one of a thousand different causes, only some of which may directly be the responsibility of the Dorico developers.