Dorico Help re. retrospective record

Nice to see that Dorico has retrospective record (which, of course, Cubase has had for some time).

I’m wondering what I didn’t quite get here:

The Dorico Help entry for retrospective record ([Retrieving played notes that you did not record]) reads:

  1. Select a note or rest on the staff where you want to input the retrieved notes.

All the notes you played on your MIDI device during the previous playback are input on the selected staff, starting from the selected rhythmic position.

This led me to believe that, strangely, what had been “retrospectively recorded” could be inserted at a rhythmic position of one’s own selection.

My experience is that it can only be inserted so that it plays from the precise place where it had in fact been played during the original playback. (While being contrary to what the Help file seems to suggest, this is what one would normally expect.)

I’ve made a note to check this, thanks.

Thank-you, Lillie.