Dorico: how to delete empty bars?

I inserted a number of bars and now don’t need them. How to I delete them? I’ve tried selecting them all (which only works if they have at least bar spaces, btw) and Delete, but no change.

Got to the point in the score you want to delete from. Press Shift-B to bring up the bars popover, then type -4 or or however many bars you want to delete. -1 for one bar, -32 for 32, etc. Adding or deleting bars from the popover is basically the same, just a question of adding a minus sign for deleting. There are other ways, but this is my fast/go to.
P.S. sorry for omitting the “f” on shift" for a minute - re-read and fixed it.

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Shift-B -x Enter, or use the System Track

Brilliant - thanks!

Gee, maybe this should be in the doc somewhere - “delete bars” or something equally searchable. I’m not at the mac right now so cant check to see if the negative number thing is in the doc; I just know I couldnt find it by searching for what I wanted to do.

But hey, “full featured” doesnt begin to describe this app, and doc writing is hard.

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Deleting bars/beats or Deleting bars/beats with the system track
(I searched for delete bars: Search Results - Dorico Help)

Also in the popup, you can type trim to delete all the empty bars at the end. Saves trying to figure out how many bars are left.


doh! not sure how i missed that; i’ll take my dunce points and wear the cap of shame today.



best answer!

Great to know!

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