Dorico Iconica Template does not produce sound

I am trying to use the “Dorico Iconica Template” that Dorico provides, but I do not get any sounds. MIDI input is recognised in VEP7, though. I assume that means that YEP7 Audio OUT are not routed correctly, but I do not know, where to check that. What do I have to do?

MacOS 12.6, M1
Dorico 4.3.11 (Rosetta Mode)

Paging @John_at_Steinberg, who knows much more about this template than I do.

Thank you, @dspreadbury !

Follow-up: Comparing to what I can see in the video here:

and what the list of expression maps contains (see screenshot) I think that not all expression maps are imported. I tried dragging the .dorico_pt file onto the hub several times, but no change.

When I open the dorico score (from the template folder provided by John) , then VEP7 populates automatically and the expression maps are there. But only in that score.

What do I have to do to have those expression maps available globally?

As soon as you apply the playback template, all of the required expression maps will be added to the project.

I tried that several times, but to no avail. Here are the steps of my workflow:

  • Open VEP7 and load the Stings instance
  • Open Dorico & drag the .dorico_pt onto the Dorico Hub
  • Go to Play => Playback template... and choose VEPro - Iconica; confirm via click on Apply & Close

  • Open my test score, go to Play and VST and MIDI and connect to VEP7 Strings instance
  • Open Endpoint Setup and try to assign the proper Expression map…

… but there are only those 2 Expression maps available shown in the screenshot above.

Am I doing something wrong in my setup process?

The file I use to test Iconica:
Iconica - test.dorico (578.6 KB)

Can you attach your playback template file itself, so I can see what’s really in there?

I thought the playback template is the one that John did for Iconica and that I drag into the Hub of Dorico? Is that wrong? Do I misundersand you?

(Just to make sure: The score file that comes with the template DOES work fine.)

Here is the Score file from the Iconica template by John:
Iconica VEPro template.dorico (827.2 KB)

Here is what I think is the playback template you ask for:
VEPro - (18.8 KB)

And here is the playback template that I exported from the Playback Template interface (and renamed after download):
VEPro - Iconica (exported) (18.5 KB)

The screenshot from the Playback Template interface:

Thank you!

I add some more screenshots of files and folders in `/Users/[user]/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 4/…".

FWIW, I have successfully used the Dorico Iconica Template with VSL VE Pro and each time, I need to resize the Woodwind Piccolo memory before I get any sound. Once I raise the memory up to 10k (or something like that), then I have no problem and the template works fine. But it does not remember this setting. Each time I open the VSL template I have to reset the Woodwind memory!

Simple fix, but it was a PITA to discover and find in the beginning.

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