Dorico Iconica Template does not produce sound

I am trying to use the “Dorico Iconica Template” that Dorico provides, but I do not get any sounds. MIDI input is recognised in VEP7, though. I assume that means that YEP7 Audio OUT are not routed correctly, but I do not know, where to check that. What do I have to do?

MacOS 12.6, M1
Dorico 4.3.11 (Rosetta Mode)

Paging @John_at_Steinberg, who knows much more about this template than I do.

Thank you, @dspreadbury !

Follow-up: Comparing to what I can see in the video here:

and what the list of expression maps contains (see screenshot) I think that not all expression maps are imported. I tried dragging the .dorico_pt file onto the hub several times, but no change.

When I open the dorico score (from the template folder provided by John) , then VEP7 populates automatically and the expression maps are there. But only in that score.

What do I have to do to have those expression maps available globally?

As soon as you apply the playback template, all of the required expression maps will be added to the project.

I tried that several times, but to no avail. Here are the steps of my workflow:

  • Open VEP7 and load the Stings instance
  • Open Dorico & drag the .dorico_pt onto the Dorico Hub
  • Go to Play => Playback template... and choose VEPro - Iconica; confirm via click on Apply & Close

  • Open my test score, go to Play and VST and MIDI and connect to VEP7 Strings instance
  • Open Endpoint Setup and try to assign the proper Expression map…

… but there are only those 2 Expression maps available shown in the screenshot above.

Am I doing something wrong in my setup process?

The file I use to test Iconica:
Iconica - test.dorico (578.6 KB)

Can you attach your playback template file itself, so I can see what’s really in there?

I thought the playback template is the one that John did for Iconica and that I drag into the Hub of Dorico? Is that wrong? Do I misundersand you?

(Just to make sure: The score file that comes with the template DOES work fine.)

Here is the Score file from the Iconica template by John:
Iconica VEPro template.dorico (827.2 KB)

Here is what I think is the playback template you ask for:
VEPro - (18.8 KB)

And here is the playback template that I exported from the Playback Template interface (and renamed after download):
VEPro - Iconica (exported) (18.5 KB)

The screenshot from the Playback Template interface:

Thank you!

I add some more screenshots of files and folders in `/Users/[user]/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 4/…".

FWIW, I have successfully used the Dorico Iconica Template with VSL VE Pro and each time, I need to resize the Woodwind Piccolo memory before I get any sound. Once I raise the memory up to 10k (or something like that), then I have no problem and the template works fine. But it does not remember this setting. Each time I open the VSL template I have to reset the Woodwind memory!

Simple fix, but it was a PITA to discover and find in the beginning.

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Although I can load the Iconica template directly into Dorico and play instruments from each “division,” when I try to use VEP Pro 7 with the VEP Iconica Template I cannot get the sounds to load.

The instances load into VEP and Connect to my Dorico file, but when VEP tries to load the sounds, it never reaches 2% on any Instance before resetting.

I am communicating with VEP, but is there anything I am missing? This worked on my Windows 10 (64-bit) when you first released the Iconica templates, but I have not tested this since I replaced my computer with a more powerful Windows machine.

My HALion preload is set to 8164MB.
Dorico (2.4 MB)

I’ve not tried it in VEPro 7… that might be the problem.

I have a VEP7 / Dorico 4.3 setup (on a Mac M2 though) and it works just fine – at least @John_at_Steinberg 's template.
I have set HALion to 22000 MB, the “Used Preload” indicates 8631 MB". Maybe you need to crank up your HALion Memory just a little bit more?

I will try that. Does HALion SE still have a VST2 player available? That was a suggestion from Vienna Support.

I increased the Preload on HALion inone of my other projects, although if there is a way to reach the HALion Player screen from within VEP, I have not found it.

By “VST2 Player” you mean “VST2 plugin”? (May I ask why you need VST2? The latest Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 (7.2.sth) supports VST3.)

I couldn’t find a VST2 version, but maybe you are more successful on Steinberg’s “legacy”:

When I change the “Max Preload” in one HALion instance, it is changed system-wide, whether it is the standalone version or used as a plugin.

(Forgive me for asking stupid questions, but I assume you know that the respective configuration is under “options”? In my case it shows up in the standalone as well as in the plugin version…)

Yes, that is what I have done, but the VEP instances still do not load past 2% before starting over. I open VEP and call up recent project inconica.vst and see the five instances John created, 0 percent loaded. I then open the Dorico file used to test VEP, which used to work fine. Dorico says all five instances are Connected. At this point VEP shows them loading, but they never get past 2% before restarting to load.

@Derrek Not sure, if that helps at all, but I uploaded my templates here:

Maybe you wanna give them a try?

Thank you for sharing, but I get the same result: the instances cannot load beyond 2% before starting over.

Whatever is happening (or not happening) seems to be local to my Windows installation.
And the non-VEP Iconica works fine. But having purchased VEP, I want to make sure it works when I really need it.

…and having purchased Iconica, as well. Did you try another lib like BBCSO? Or VSL Prime?

I hope the guys at VSL can help you out here… If it smells like a bug, the dev team there told me it is better to write to directly instead of posting to the forum.

That is my next step.

Just in case: If you use VSL prime, do you know that VSL has stuff prepared for Dorico? You can download them from your account under “My files” (I think)…
I have a VSL Prime / VEP7 setup working here. Let me know, if you want to test them…