Dorico inputting down-stem voice as default

Viola is always inputting down-stem voice. I have tried selecting everything on this instrument and change voice to up-stem 1, and also filtering down stem voices and deleting. Nothing seems to be working. I have no down-stems voice in this instrument in this project. (not anymore at least…) Is there a way to change default input back to up-stem voice?

Select any note in the down stem voice, right click > Voices > Default Stems Up. This will redefine the (entire) existing downstem voice as an upstem voice.

I don’t have any notes in down-stem voices, but I created one to try your suggestion. It didn’t work, this time the default became up-stem voice 2.

If I start note input on the first 8th note of a measure, it’s up-stem 1. Anywhere else, it’s down-stem 1.

If you save the project, close it and reopen it do you get the same results? If so, maybe cut it down to a few bars, save that and upload here (the project, not a picture/video) so we can take a proper look.

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Closing and re-opening the session fixed it :slight_smile: I thought I already tried that but apparently not! Thanks!