Dorico insta composer

I can’t set up insta composer with dorico. It is done in Cubase. How can I do midi routing? There is no sound.

Welcome to the forum, @adagio4evergreen. All I know about Insta Composer is what I can read on its web site, and it looks like it’s a MIDI plug-in. Dorico doesn’t support MIDI plug-ins.

Thank you for the information. However, Dorico also allows input from a midi keyboard. You can also play with plug-in instruments. It’s like Cubase, which specializes in music scores, but for some reason, the same midi input as Cubase is not possible for Insta composer. I am unable to select the input from insta composer for the assigned instrument. What’s the difference? I would like to ask the person who wrote the development book.

Welcome to the Dorico forum @adagio4evergreen and good luck with your music creation. You have already had one response from your chosen responder so hopefully you are off to a good start!

The two programs serve different use cases and needs. If they were identical, there would be no point in having both. Dorico is focused on notation; Cubase is a MIDI and Audio based DAW.

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What I do is drag the part from InstaComposer to an appropriate instrument’s key editor.

I don’t think there’s a way to audition directly in Dorico, but you can set up your scenes in Cubase (or any DAW), save them there, then drag & drop in Dorico.

Well, I’m not familiar with Insta Composer, and I’m not a fan of AI solutions for composing music. But I support that Dorico should be able to support MIDI plug-ins.
Personally I would like to be able to take advantage of Divisimate by Nextmidi, where I can store my favorite instrument combinations as presets for faster score entering with midi keyboard. Due to lack of MIDI Input Channel/Ports routing in Dorico it’s not possible for us to use Divisimate.

So, I hope the Dorico team will make the Input MIDI Channel/Port routing available in order to allow us to use those nice tools like Divisimate. :slight_smile:
I would rather ask for something more advanced than just Input Routing support - A.R.A. 2 - like technology for MIDI, which once invoked would automatically assign the correct routing and allow Divisimate to be used as an internal plug-in. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

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By the way, the integration of Input MIDi Channel / Port routing will allow the implementation of a nice tool like VST Connect, as well. Would be great if we could collaborate over internet instantly. This would be also beneficial for the educational process online. Even if the potential VST Connect Pro for Dorico allows multi/conference -session.
Here we have another benefit.
In case Dorico SE, or Elements is connected to Dorico Pro (host), it will unlock the Pro functions, which is vital in a situation of collaboration.
In case we are collaborating with someone who is a Finale, Sibelius or MuseScore user, he / she should just install Dorico SE. If someone experienced enough in Dorico shows it’s possibilities and powerful sides, this will potentially attract more people to invest in Elements, or Pro depending on their needs.
And last, Dorico will be the first notation app to allow straightforward online collaboration possibility.

Hello everybody!

In the meantime, are there any workarounds (perhaps with third party software?) regarding the (direct) use of Instacomposer 2 in Dorico 5.1.30?