Dorico installation

I’m looking forward to seeing v5. However, yet again daunted by the overcomplicated and often malfunctioning installation and security processes.

In theory, it ought to be reasonably simple. The process should be, if all goes well:

  1. Buy your Dorico 5 update from the Steinberg Online Shop.
  2. In your email receipt, you receive a Download Access Code.
  3. On the computer on which you want to run Dorico 5, run Steinberg Download Assistant. Sign in if prompted.
  4. Click the “Enter your Download Access Code” button in the top left corner, and paste in the DAC you received in your email in step 2.
  5. Under “My Product Downloads”, select “Dorico Pro 5”, which should now have appeared there.
  6. Click the “Install All” button in the top right-hand corner of the SDA window, and wait for all the progress bars to turn green.
  7. Run Dorico 5 from your Applications folder (Mac) or desktop icon (Windows).

In an ideal world, you should find it takes no more than 10 minutes to get up and running, provided you have a reasonably fast internet connection.