Dorico integration with Cubase installed Halion Library

I use Cubase and was considering Dorico 2. Can Dorico 2 access the existing Cubase installed Halion Symponic library instead of installing a new 12GB with of duplicated files?

How integrated is Dorico into Cubase? Mostly interested being able to edit things in either software as I work. Kind of like going to score view and back to sequencer. Problem with score view is that it’s pretty ugly and not easy to work with for me, Sometimes it’s easier for me to edit in a sequencer than in Finale or Sibelius. Constantly swapping XML files is a bit tedious for my current workflow.

Warren Schatz

Yes, Dorico can use the already installed HALion Symphonic Library, so there will not be a duplicated installation taking up space.

Welcome to the forum, Warren. To answer the second part of your question, Dorico is not at all integrated into Cubase. You can do some interchange between the two program using MIDI and MusicXML, and you can drag and drop MIDI from Cubase’s arrange window into Play mode in Dorico. There has been plenty of discussion here on the forum about the ways in which users of both programs would like to see them move closer together, and that’s certainly something we plan to work on, but we are still filling out Dorico’s own feature set at this point, and we’re focusing our efforts in that direction for the time being.