dorico integration with cubase

I was hoping that the big reveal today was going to highlight the ability to access dorico from inside cubase. Are there any plans to make these products more linked instead of totally stand alone software packages?

I think the picture of the announcment of the livestream was misleading a lot of people into this direction …

Now news on that particular front that I can see. It is notable, however, that there have been tweaks to the way the expression maps work which increases the flexibility of all of the triggers and results in more life-like performance.

I think that’s a fair comment. My impression was there seemed to be a lot of questions about Dorico / Cubase during the livestream.

Oh, I do hope so. The video I’d like to see is Anthony or John taking a piece of music written in Dorico and showing how they would tweak it in Play Mode to make it more lifelike.

We had already said here that features to bring Dorico and Cubase closer together are on our roadmap, but that they would not be part of the next release of Dorico (which is the one that we have released today as Dorico 3.5).

However, the survey that everybody filled in back in February (when work on Dorico 3.5 was already well-advanced) will certainly be factored into our discussions about how best to bring the two products closer together in future. We know that many people are waiting for this kind of functionality, and it is our intention to provide it.

In the meantime, the new play/automation/expression map features are another great step toward an original, notation-friendly idea of sequencing.


I thought, from the picture on the tweet, that each Dorico Pro user would get a free 64-fader studio mixer, but then I never got the live orchestra shown in the Dorico web page picture; so maybe I shouldn’t rely too much on the pictures I see.

I’m sure any integration of Dorico in Cubase will be a very complex, multi-step process; but no doubt the finished solution–whatever it is–will be amazing. (Then I’ll have to learn Cubase :confused: .)


Coming back to the original thread title: what is the best way of working Dorico alongside Cubase?
If I write music in Dorico on one screen, export to music.xml then have Cubase on the other screen, how would the integration work? The problem seems to be that Cubase won’t import the .xml files into an existing project, it will always start a new one.
That way Dorico can’t be used to insert little snippets of notation/music into the Project on the Cubase screen.

Hi Dorico users,

Reading the reply from Daniel it looks like closer integration between Dorico and Cubase is getting closer so only time will tell for the next release.

I however would like to see the possibility to keep them seperate but also have the option for linking into software like Cubase and Nuendo which I use.
The thought of little snipets of notation/music into a product sounds a good idea. Something that NI software and Sonuscore developers have implimented into their sound library products.

Maybe Steinberg have looked at this and will bring this integration together on a future roadmap for Cubase and Nuendo.


This is the way to go at the moment:

  1. (You will need to have a project open in Cubase Pro). Import your music.xml file from within this project (you will have to navigate to the music.xml file, press Enter, then choose the place, where the new project should be saved, then press Enter again). A new Cubase project - let us call it project (b) - will be produced and saved at the chosen place.

  2. Open the Cubase project you are working on (or make it active, if it is the one already open), go to File -> Import -> Import Tracks from Project. Navigate to the prior saved project (b) and press Enter. This will give you a window with a lot of options. By default the tracks from the other project will be imported into new tracks of your active project.