Dorico IPad crashes very often

The latest version of D5 on Ipad crashes very often on my device ( iPad 9.7 IOS 14.7) . That means the app just freezes and doesn’t react anymore. I have to restart.
Here is an example score, with which Dorico struggles a lot.
Fly me to the moon.dorico (952.9 KB)
Dorico (172.4 KB)

A freeze isn’t the same as a crash: when the app crashes, you will be returned to Launchpad.

When the app freezes, what are you doing immediately before the freeze? Are you interacting with your iPad with your finger or with an Apple Pencil? What user interface elements are you working with?

I can confirm this problem. Dorico freezes very often since the first day on my Ipad Pro 12.9 2018. No improvement with Dorico and Ipados updates. It seems to happen when I write lyrics. What else causes this issue I can’t confirm at the moment.