Dorico iPad - Explode feature: Is it available or not? - I have seen both!

Dear all,

I am new to Dorico and this forum. After 4 weeks of extensive study and use of Dorico on my iPad Pro (I am a now former Sibelius user), I am amazed about the power of Dorico! The logic behind this tool as well as the ease of input and edit has given me access to a new world! Finally I am able to focus on the music rather than on a tool! Thanks a lot for that!

I would like to address a topic that has already been discussed in the forum in 2022: Explode/reduce functionality on iPad. From the post in 2022 as well as from the comparison chart of the different Dorico versions, I understand that this feature in only available in Dorico Pro, and not on the iPad.

Now, my teacher is actually using Dorico on his iPad … and he has the feature available! If needed I can provide a video of him using the feature on his iPad. This is obviously the proof that it works on iPad.

So either the comparison chart is wrong and the full iPad version has this feature available, or my teacher seems to have a magic version of Dorico on his iPad.

Can someone please confirm what the facts are?

I absolutely need this feature and I am exclusively working on my iPad … I am obviously happy to pay for this feature (I am currently using the free iPad version but intend to subscribe to the full version if it is confirmed that Explode/Reduce is available). Using a desktop version is unfortunately not an option for me. I was therefore happy to see that my teacher has this functionality available on his iPad. Where can I get this magic iPad version?

Looking forward to see your reactions.

Welcome to the forum, @Robertolux. If you have an active monthly/annual subscription or the Lifetime Unlock in-app purchase, then Explode and Reduce are indeed available. However, I have a feeling that they will not correctly appear in the context menu on the secondary toolbar. If you have an external keyboard connected, you should be able to activate these commands using the jump bar by hitting J and then typing either Explode or Reduce.

Thanks a lot! That’s indeed consistent with what my teacher is doing with Dorico on his iPad. I contacted the Dorico Support team by separate email and they suggested (as does the comparison chart on Steinberg website) that it would not work.

Great to hear … I am now ready to subscribe!

Indeed, the comparison chart needs updating. I’ll make sure it gets taken care of in due course.


I have now acquired the Lifetime Unlock in-app purchase…

However, when launching the Jump bar and typing in Explode,… the feature does not yet appear. Do I need to reinstall Dorico on my iPad or do sth else so that my subscription becomes active? I was hoping access would be immediate. I have subscribed and I am signed-in with Dorico on my iPad.

You will need to make sure that you have first copied some music to the clipboard, then make a suitable selection for the music to be exploded into (e.g. a bar rest on each of two or three staves). The jump bar is contextual, so you’ll only see the Explode option once you have an appropriate selection.

And guess what … with your indications it now works!

Thanks a million, very quick turnaround. My « problem » is 100% solved!

Thanks a lot!