Dorico Ipad - Freezing

I just bought the full version of Dorico for Ipad to implement it in my workflow with Dorico Desktop.

Two questions (situations):
1-When inserting a staff text and trying to change the parameters using Apple Pancil, the program crashes. What am I doing wrong, is it a bug?

2- As in Setup Mode on the Ipad, can I configure it to show the Chord Progression on a certain instrument? I tried to find this function without success in several ways. In the Desktop version, I click with the special button on the instrument in question, and a context window opens so that I can select an option. How do I do this on the Ipad, is it possible in the current version or will this be implemented yet?

Thank you very much.

On the iPad, you can access the context menu for players by tapping the button in the action bar at the bottom of the Players panel.

Can you provide a few more details about what exactly you’re doing with your Pencil to trigger a crash?

Hi Daniel,
Using the staff text tool, if I change something, like the font type, with my finger, it’s fine. But if I try to do the same thing, selecting a different font type with Apple Pencil, Dorico freezes.

I’m just tapping with the Apple Pencil on the font selection as shown in the following photo.

What am I doing wrong? Can I use Apple Pencil to select items in Dorico?

Thank you.

I’ve not seen this reported before, but I’ll look into it when I get a chance. (I can’t run Dorico on my iPad right now, but this will give me the impetus to sort that out so I can take a look.)

Thanks so much for your feedback… By the way (if it can help), I’m using the newest 12.9" Ipad M2 with IOS 16.3 and the 2nd generation Apple Pencil.

Don’t use the pencil that prevents a screen or menu to appear.