Dorico iPad - project disappeared

Hi everybody. I’m wondering if anybody can help me with this. Last night I decided to do some notation exercises in Dorico on my iPad. I created a new project with a Piano and wrote a simple march. Then I created a second flow and wrote a waltz. Then I copied that to a third flow and added a string section and developed my idea. I recorded some videos to send to my girlfriend with the iPad screen capture. So I know this wasn’t a dream.

I backed out to project browser and my file was saved. I switched over to YouTube app to watch some videos and went to sleep. When I woke up this morning there is no sign of my project anywhere in Dorico. I searched my iCloud Drive and my entire iPad and there is no sign of it anywhere.

This is the strangest thing because I’ve been using an iPad since the very first model. I’ve never had any issues with file saving . Any ideas?

My iPad files appear in the Hub when I open Dorico. I imagine you have already checked that, and i I certainly hope you can find the file.

You definitely quit back to the Hub when you finished working on your project? It should certainly have been saved.

If you have a Mac, you could try connecting your iPad to your Mac via a USB cable and then take a look to see whether any files appear under “Dorico” when you look at the contents of the iPad in the Finder.