Dorico iPad update to 2.0 is gorgeous, BUT

Hi Dear Dorico-nians,
I have two iPad Pros ( one 1st gen and one 12,9 inch 4th gen)
If i Start the really great Dorico 2.0 version on both models in Landscape,
there is a cut of some of the right end Menu from the “blue quarter note” on, but: “for heavens sake”, 1 quick turn into Portrait Mode and then back to landscape repair those glitches (every time You start Dorico)
Am I the only one ???
kind regards
Peter Kütt

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iPad Air 4 256GB iOS 15.3 Dorico

No cut offs - all fine

We’ve had some reports of the converse problem, namely that if you start in portrait mode, the right-hand side of the toolbar is cut off until you rotate to landscape and back again, but I’ve as yet been unable to reproduce the issue. We’ll certainly look into it further.

I am completely missing the export and the menu icons that I see in YouTube videos and screenshots. The only way I stumbled upon a workaround, is to split the iPad screen with another app (like YouTube), and then slide the middle screen separator to show Dorico again. This gets rid of the cut-off toolbar items. Would be nice for the next update to fix this…