Dorico is not saving/loading Frequency presets

Does anyone experience Dorico not saving presets loaded to Frequency as a plugin? Looks like it is particular for Frequency, other plugins, also non-Steinberg load their presets on project opening correctly.

A very quick test on my Win machine showed no problem
Maybe you could give a step by step recipe? Thanks

Hi Ulf,
Actually that is very simple. I loaded Frequency as an insert into Stereo Out channel. Then I loaded one of my EQ presets to Frequency, saved the project and closed it. When I opened the project Frequency was loaded, the Frequency preset name could be seen but the settings (EQ curve points) were not there, the EQ curve was a flat line like in the “default” setup. All other plugins like compressor, Altiverb, limiter and Curve EQ were loaded with their respective presets. What is the most interesting is that Frequency recognizes the presets, opens them (displays their names), but does not load the data.
It is not a critical bug, I replaced Frequency by Curve EQ and put the original problem aside, but thought that those of us who do not have other EQ of an equal class as Frequency may not be aware of such situation and be surprised when their manicured scores suddenly don’t sound as they sounded “yesterday”.
Should this happen - go and check what is loaded (or not loaded) into Frequency.
PS I work on Mac Pro 2020 with macOS Ventura

Hi Witold, first of all thank you for the details, but I tried again with the same result, I reopen the project and the Frequency plug-in shows the preset name as well as the correct curve. So I really wonder what is the difference with you?
Are you on the latest Dorico 5.1.30? And Frequency 12.5.50?

Hi Ulf,
Yes, Dorico 5.1.30, Frequency I do not want to make it complicated. Under Cubase I created a test preset, then opened Dorico project, loaded this preset and saved Dorico project without touching the preset. Then I reloaded Dorico project, opened Frequency and the name of the preset was there but setup was flat (see the photo). However I still could reload the preset and get the proper values. BUT if I saved this preset under Dorico all data would get deleted.

Hi Witold,
not exactly the same what you report, but in the end I think it is the same:
I start a new project and insert an EQ, apply a preset and save the project, then close the project and reopen, everything is fine.
But now comes the turn, I apply a different preset to the EQ and then I close the project => Normally Dorico should know that the preset has changed and therefore ask to save the changes, but it doesn’t, it just closes the project without saving. So when I open that project again, it has still the old EQ values.
And it doesn’t matter if it is Frequency or a different EQ plug-in.
Can you confirm this behaviour?
Consequently, just applying a preset does not set the dirty flag in the plug-ins and therefore changes get lost on closing a project.

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Hi Ulf,
In Frequency is as I described before, project loads the preset as it was saved with the project, but flat. Reloading the preset is still possible and loads correct values. Saving the preset from within Dorico zeroes all curve points but keeps the name. When opened under Cubase this preset is empty, only the name stays. This a delicate point, because if you had a very elaborate preset and did not make a copy your work gets lost.
Changing the preset and closing Dorico works exactly as you said, closes without asking for saving and reopening the project loads the old preset but in my case - FLAT.
Changing the plugin and trying to close Dorico activates the Save? window, so this is correct. Changing the preset in other EQ does not activate the Save? window, Dorico closes, on reopening the project the old preset is there, BUT all data are still there.
So here we are.

Hi Witold,
there is one bug on Dorico end where, as I said, the dirty state of a plug-in is not raised and therefore changes get lost. That what you describe as presets being “empty” I could not reproduced so far, but I will try to. I’m currently pretty busy, but hopefully will find the time to in between.
Rest assured though that we treat it as an important matter.

Hi Ulf,
I really appreciate your attention put to this problem. If I find a moment I will make a short video, perhaps it will be helpful for the developers in finding what exactly happens.
Thanks again

Indeed, a screencapture would be very helpful, because something must be different in your procedure to mine. I created a Frequency preset in Dorico and then opened that very same preset in Cubase and it worked correctly.
Thanks very much for your effort.

I have a (probably) similar problem with some of my waves plugins.
Some of them will always be reset to default when I reopen a project.

Could you please elaborate on this a little, Stephan?
Is it alway the same ones, does it have to do with presets? Maybe you have also a DAW, do those presets work there but not in Dorico?
Thanks for clarification

Hey Ulf,

it always happens for the same plugins, and on these plugins it happens all the time.

The plugins (or Dorico) seem to forget about the changes I did in the plugins every time I close the project.

It doesn’t matter if I save settings as a new personal preset or use factory presets.
When reopening, the plugins are reset es to default.

In Cubase these plugins work just fine and after closing and reopening a project I find anything just as I left it.

Best regards,


When you make a change in the plug-in, make sure you then manually save the Dorico project afterwards. Dorico doesn’t get informed that the plug-in has been edited, so changing the plug-in settings won’t cause the project to be marked as “dirty” such that it will prompt you to save when you close the project. But if you manually save your project, then Dorico will save the state of the plug-ins at that point.

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Saving the project has no effect on the plugins…
Hey Daniel, thanks for chiming in.
Sadly the plugins appear deeply unimpressed by any saving activity.

Hi @StephanK1 , I entered this issue into our bug database and will further investigate on it.

Thank you Ulf,
I’m still waiting for any feedback about this from the waves support. If there will be anything helpful I will post it here.

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