Dorico is Not Showing Divisi Staff in Engrave Mode


I have run into an issue where the creation of Divisi parts is not being reflected in the printable version of the score (engrave mode). I have attached two photos that show the issue. Tried deleting system breaks (I read in other responses) but have not been able to fix the problem. Thank you.

In Gallery View:
Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 9.52.26 AM

In Engrave Mode:

There’s insufficient information here to know what’s going on. What does the rest of that system look like in Engrave mode? Where’s the previous divisi change and where’s the next one, and what do they both do to the staff count?

Hi Pianoleo,

I was fortunately able to find a solution by looking through the manual staff visibilities for each system. Thank you!