Dorico is randomly playing random background noises through my headphones when idling

I believe Dorico is the culprit in this, because it always stops when I close the Dorico Document and only the hub is showing.
Anyway, I would hear a random “roar” or “static” when I try to play the payback, I would hear a “machine-gun” sound as note-performer loaded, and then suddenly, that roaring or static would play and then the document would play back. Every time I open and close “device set up” it would stop for a little bit and then suddenly start again. I have never had this issue before, and it’s triggering a sensory overload while I work. The latest Dorico 4 version is running on my mac, and so is the latest Noteperformer. The issue hasn’t crept up until now. I’ve also tried restarting my MacBook. If it helps, I also run logic pro x simultaneously on my computer.
Help. I need to get work done, but this is making things more difficult.

Hi @Elwin_Raffins ,

are Logic and Dorico set to using the same sample rate? In Dorico please check under Edit > Device Setup, in Logic I don’t know.
Also please do in Dorico from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report, let’s see if I can find something in there. That what you describe sounds really strange and unexpected.
Furthermore, is it possible that you could record that noise somehow? It does not need to be a high quality recording. Could be with a smartphone, I just want to get an impression of what kind of noises you get there. Thanks

Dorico (1.5 MB)
This is the diagnostics file. This is the reccording from my phone. Dorico Sound Rumble Problem - YouTube Warning, it sounds like it is just background noise. I hope that you could hear how it got louder and softer depending on the volume control. The rumble will stop as soon as I close the Dorico Document

Hi Elwin, thanks for the data.
I’ve never heard something like that before.
Is the Transport running when that noise is there? I mean, do you press the Play icon to start playback and then the noise is there, or is the noise always there as soon as you start Dorico?