Dorico items appear and disappear, then Dorico disappears

Hello! Running Dorico 3.5.x. Can’t check the exact version number, because all of a sudden I can’t open Dorico:

Setup is MacBook Pro 2019, 32 Gb running MacOS 13.2.1 (Ventura).

I’ve been finishing a score, and as I’m editing a number of weird things have been happening:

  • About five days ago flow titles started appearing on random pages but disappearing on some pages. I tried adding a {@flowComposer@} heading to a movement that was an arrangement of an earlier piece (it’s a variation set), and the title disappeared when I saved, closed and reopened.
  • About three days ago I wanted to check Print mode and only the first two flows of five displayed.
  • Today I decided to try updating to Dorico 4 in hopes that would fix the problems listed above. I went online to find my products for an upgrade, and NONE of my products show up. I reinstalled Steinberg Download Assistant and logged in from there, and the only product that shows up is my original Dorico 1.2.10 purchase from several years ago.
  • Trying just now to return to Dorico 3.5 to check the version number, I got the dialog screenshotted above.

I’ve searched this Forum and can’t find any posts that reflect these issues.

Needless to say, I’m feeling a bit panicked. While I go try to find a paper bag :slight_smile: I’m hoping someone has a solution, because I would very much like to at least have my secure copy of 3.5. back.


If you upgraded to Dorico 4, did you get rid of your eLicense or remove the USB Licenser. 3.5 will need the old license. Dorico 4 (if it is an upgrade) needs to access the 3.5 license one time before switching over to the Steinberg Access Manager (at least it used to) and letting you activate your program there.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I didn’t even get as far as upgrading to Dorico 4 – 3.5 simply started glitching and now isn’t recognizing a license at all (and it’s not to be found online). Never used a USB licenser with Dorico – always authorized the computer I’m working on, and didn’t change that at all.

Don’t panic! We’ll get you back up and running, and even if you’ve had a catastrophic licensing failure, we will take care of you.

If you run eLicenser Control Center and let it perform its default maintenance tasks, does your Dorico 3.5 license show up as expected in there?

Just did, and now opens just fine:

Opened the score, though, and the disappearing flow header issues and the Print mode issue persist. But it sure feels good to at least open the program and see my work still there.

Any suggestions on the other issues? Did the file get corrupted somehow, or is there something I can do to fix it?

Much appreciated, Daniel!

Just after posting, realized it would be a good idea to post the file in question:
Retire My Soul String Orch. .dorico (690.8 KB)

The Print mode problem is easy to solve: switch to Print mode, select Printer in the right-hand panel, and click the All button under Print range so that all pages are shown, rather than only pages 6–10.

Regarding the flow titles appearing apparently at random, I imagine the problem is that you’ve got a bunch of page overrides in Engrave mode. You need the ones for pages 1 and 2, of course, but I wonder whether you could do away with the others?

I’ll give that a try, thanks.

Also, regarding the licensing issue: On a hunch, I tried (re-) registering the software from the elCC, and saw this:

I assume this is because I had first purchased Dorico when I was employed by a different institution and have since left that institution, so I changed the email associated with my account. There had been an issue then (see screenshot below), but no issues since. I’m not sure how to get this one resolved. (I do remember, Daniel, that you contacted me directly to help me resolve this issue at the time, for which I was and am grateful.)

Regarding the Print Mode issue: Duhhhh… Such a simple fix, and I hadn’t even noticed it before panicking. Thank you.

Removed the extra page overrides (I’ll have to go back and figure out how I got those in the first place), and things seem to be getting back to normal.

A Perfect Storm averted. Thanks.


If you can let me know the old email address and your new email address, I can ask my colleagues in the support team to see if they can associate your eLicenser with your current Steinberg ID account.

Emails sent by private message.