Dorico just showing blank Project

Hi… No matter what i do, Dorico wont show any Instruments (see attatched picture)
I have restarted the software, the computer, started e new project. nothing helped. I always get this empty space witth nothing in there. Only time it looks different i in print view and there it’s just a blank empty space.

Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10.5)
Mac Pro (End 2013)
3,5 GhZ 6-Core Intel Xenon E5
16GB DDR3 Ram
256 SSD Drive
2x AMD FirePro D500 3GB

Update: I have installed OS X 10.12 Sierra and reinstalled Dorico. Still the same thing. Can’t do anything.

This has happened because somehow you’ve got into a state where there is no music in this Layout. If you check the checkbox in Flow 1 then you should see your music reappear - this means ‘The Full Score layout contains all the music in Flow 1’.

Ah, great! Works now. Thanks! :slight_smile: